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    Over the years Universal Publishing Production Music has worked with hundreds of amazingly talented composers to build a production music library of well over 190,000 original music tracks. In this section of the website we're constantly updating the bios for our composers and adding new ones to give you a bit more background behind our music and its creators.

    Just click on any of their names below or use the links to the left to find a specific composer. In each composer bio you will find links to their composer search so that you can audition and download their music from the Universal Publishing Production Music library. You'll also find videos highlighting some of the music uses in specific Film Trailers, TV shows, Adverts, Games and Promos.

    Adam Salkeld
    Adam Saunders &
    Mark Cousins

    Al Lethbridge
    Alan Hawkshaw
    Alec Snook
    Alex Band
    Alexey Protasov
    Ali Friend
    Anders Lewen
    Andreas Oberg
    Andy Britton
    Andrew Skeet
    A. Blythe & M. Joustra
    Anthony Phillips
    Anthony Thomas
    Arc Vel
    Assaf Rinde
    Barnaby Taylor
    Bare Noize
    Bar 9
    Ben & Max

    Ben Cocks
    Ben Thomas
    Benjamin Wallfisch
    Bernard Fevre
    Bob Bradley
    Bob Holroyd
    Brian Brasher
    Brightly Coloured
    Catching FLies
    Chad Neale
    Charlie March
    Chris Branch & Tom Haines
    Chris Elliott
    Chris Worsey
    Christopher Franke
    Chuck D
    Craig Joiner
    Cristobal Tapia de Veer
    Daniel Christopher O'Donnell Smith
    Dan Carney
    Daniel Pemberton
    Danny Cope
    Dave Gerard and the Watchmen
    David Ayers
    David Goldsmith

    Debbie Wiseman
    Diego Ain
    Dominic Glover
    Dominic Glynn
    Dub Colossus
    Dominik Johnson
    Eldys Isak Vega
    Ennio Morricone
    Enric Gómez
    Fin Greenall
    Francis Monkman
    Gary Liu
    Gary Tibbs
    Garry Cobain & Brian Dougans
    Gavin Griffiths
    Glenn Sharp
    Greg Fitzgerald
    Gresby Nash
    Guo Yue
    Hal David
    Hans Engstrom
    Hattie Whitehead
    Henrik Wikstrom
    Hilang Child
    Hosam Ramsy
    Inon Zur
    Iarla Ó Lionáird
    Jake Calladine
    Jan Oldaeus
    James Taylor
    Jason Swinscoe
    Jay Glover
    Jeevan Anandasivam
    Jeff Knowler
    Johan Aberg
    Joao Mauro Fernandes de Oliveira
    John Ashton Thomas
    John Barry
    John Cacavas
    John Parricelli
    Joji Hirota
    Jon Tye
    Jonathan Dix
    Juan Luis Leprevost
    Jules Bromley
    Jules Isaac Bikôkô Bi Njami
    Julie Cooper
    Kate Matthews
    Karl Thomas Rundqvist
    Kevin Foakes
    Klas Wahl
    Lee Groves
    Lindgren & Lüchow
    Louise Dowd
    Luciana Carlevaro
    Luke Gordon
    Luke Vibert
    Marc Barrachina Sánchez
    Mark Russell
    Mark Denis
    Mark Hawkins
    Martin Smith
    Mat Andasun
    Mats Hedberg
    Matthew Corbett & Mike Wilkie
    Matt Nicholson
    Maurizio Malagnini
    Max Cooper
    Michael Cranny
    Michael Nyman
    Miguel D'Oliveira
    Mike Farmer
    Mike Westergaard
    Myriam Swanson
    Neil Pollard
    Nitin Sawhney
    Nicolas Martin
    Owen James Lloyd
    Panos Ghikas
    Paul Coles
    Paul Williams
    Paul Joseph Smith
    Pete Thomas
    Pete Fowler
    Phil Cunningham
    Philip Sheppard
    Randy Gist

    Rare Monk
    Rev Theory
    Rich Thair
    Rizwan Muazzam Qawwali
    Rob Manning
    Roger Rodés Sendrós
    Rolf Eriksson
    Rune Lindbaek
    Ryan Andrews
    Simon May
    Sam Brown & Huw Jones
    Sam Joseph
    Samuel Karl Bohn
    Stanislas Syrewicz
    Stephen Cracknell
    Stephen Daniel Lemaire
    Steve Bush
    Steve Everitt
    Steve Martin
    Steve Sidwell
    Susumu Yokota
    Sven Zetterberg
    Tal Bergman
    Tamar Kaprelian
    The Last Men
    The Creole Choir of Cuba
    The Mutants
    Thomas Bell
    Thomas Hermansen
    Tired Arms
    Tom Howe
    Tom Linden
    Tony Kinsey
    Ty Unwin
    Udi Harpaz
    ULF Sandstrom
    Ulrich Schnauss
    Vasco Hexel
    Veigar Margeirrsson
    Will Berridge
    Will Grove-White
    William Kingswood
    Xandy Barry & Wally Gagel
    Zack Laurence
    Zawose Family

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    All of the production music found on the Universal Publishing Production Music website have been specifically created to be used for TV, Advertising, Video Games, Promos, Trailer & Film production or any other video editing project. For licensing information click here or contact one of music supervisors.


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