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    Welcome to Universal Publishing Production Music

    All of the music on this website is made specifically for professional use in film, TV, advertising and any other media. It is a high quality, versatile and cost effective option for your productions.

    To download and license music on this website you need to register for a free account. It's very important that you register with the correct country website. Universal Publishing Production Music has over 20 websites globally and you MUST register with your home countries website.

    To check you are on the correct website please refer to the WORLDWIDE OFFICES page.
    If you're new to production music please: click here for FAQ's.    
      click here to speak directly with one of our team.    
    Hopefully with all this help around there shouldn't be any unlicensed uses of our music. However, we do have sophisticated audio recognition technology and other methods to pursue any unlicensed uses.

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