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  • Q. Who are Universal Publishing Production Music?
    We're a Production Music Library, producing music for film, TV, advertising etc.
    Q. Are you related to Universal Records?
    Yes, although we work quite autonomously from them. You may be familiar with our individual labels (See Browse Music Page).

    Q. Can I download music from this site?
    Yes, if we can verify you as a media professional with a genuine requirement for regularly licensing music. We are not able to make our recordings available to the public at large.

    Q. Is it copyright free music?
    No. We are music publishers and license our works around the world in a responsible manner. Each use of our works is licensed and a royalty is duly paid to the composer and/or artist. Any unlicensed use of our recording is vigorously pursued.
    Q. How much does it cost?
    Access to the site is free and you do not pay to download. The licensing cost varies across all territories and will be dependent on the type of usage. Please refer to the Licensing page to find the relevant licensing details or contact your local agent, you'll find their details on the Worldwide Offices page.
    Q. How do I become a registered user with the ability to download?
    You just need to click the register button and fill in your details. Once we have received your registration we will switch you on for download access and notify you with an email.

    Q. What formats can I download?
    WAV, AIFF or mp3 (320 kHz).

    Q. What if I have problems downloading files?
    All downloads are now handled through your browser. 'Packages' of tracks may be sent to your Download Queue, you'll then have to click 'Download' to initialize your browser's download process. Single tracks are sent straight to the browser for download. Please see the user guide for more details on this.
    Q. How do I play back a downloaded track?
    You can play your downloaded track by double clicking on the downloaded file which should open your media player and play your track.

    Q. What if I can't download at all?
    Please contact your local agent who will help you troubleshoot any issues. You can request our offline hard drive solution; U-Drive if your issues persist.

    Q. How is the music catalogued on this site?
    In two main ways. You can simply browse the individual libraries chronologically, as though you had the CDs on the shelf. Or you can search all the libraries based on the criteria you select. You can then choose to view all the results that meet your criteria, or our recommended highlights, or by your favourite label.

    Q. Do you have a Privacy Policy?
    Don't worry, we won't pass your details on to any third parties. For more information please read our Privacy Policy on the About Us page.


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