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  • 2014 is the first year of the Library Music Awards and we’re proud to have picked up six nominations across five categories: Best Dance, Jazz, Rock, Trailer and World Music track.
    • Best Dance Library Track 2014 | 'Love Falls' from BR576 UK Urban
      Composed by Chris Dececio, Elizabeth O’Hagan & Ethan Galloway

    • Best Jazz Library Track 2014 | 'Essential Cool' from EVO208 Essential Jazz
      Composed by Pat Coil

    • Best Rock Library Track 2014 | 'Adrenaline Dive' from ATMOS301 Live in The Studio
      Composed by Andrew Britton, David Goldsmith & Mikey Rowe

    • Best Trailer Library Track 2014 | 'Gates Of The Underworld' from UTS001 Heaven & Hell
      Composed by Veigar Margeirsson

    • Best World Library Track 2014 | 'Only Chile' from HM101 Southern Gothic | 'Pub Session' from BBCPM033 Celtic Life
      Composed by Robert J Walsh | Phil Cunningham
    Listen to the nominated tracks in our playlist below and click on the album covers to check out the full albums they feature in.

    BR576 UK Urban

    EVO208 Essential Jazz

    ATMOS301 Live in The Studio

    UTS001 Heaven & Hell

    HM101 Southern Gothic

    BBCPM033 Celtic Life

    The awards take place on 23rd October so we wish all our composers the best of luck!

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