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  • Behind the scenes video of 'SA026 - Miniature Fanfare Orchestra'

    Pantomime Pieces

    In a way, we’re all instruments. We’re played, and we come to life. Sometimes we’re like those little toy pianos – all melancholy and fantasy - and at others we’re crazy trumpets, blasting pure energy. It all depends on how we’re being played. The main thing is that, come what may, we’ve just got to let that music out.

    This time Sarao has really let the instruments go; we’ve let them laugh and cry. This latest production is a full orchestra of emotions, bursting with thrills, drama, comedy and romance.

    This album is composed by Nicolas Martin, check out his biography here.

    Bright, enchanting and playful,
    From whimsical circus like marches
    to tender and heartwarming melodies,
    With light orchestral sonorities
    that create joyful and melodramatic moods.


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