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  • Aurelien Chambault is one of our most authentic french composers. Sharing his time between Bali and France, he has spent half of his life traveling around the world, recording music with local people and producing library music for Koka when back at his own studio in the french countryside.

    Following his successful KOKA albums 'Faces of China' and more recently 'Indian Ocean', we are excited to present his new tresures recorded on location in Middle East countries. These three brand new albums cover all kind of usages from functional TV magazine & ads material, to more inspired music for documentaries, as well as hybrid contemporary chill out.

    Middle East Pop is a rare gem not often found in Production Music. Twelve top chart tracks exclusively produced by Koka composers: Brice Davoli and Bustafunk. The kind of trendy or timeless songs (literary arabic) you could be listening to right now on the radio in Beyrouth, Tel Aviv, Cairo or Dubai!

    This album was recorded in several studios from Paris to Skopje, with famous musicians like percussion player Nicolas Montazaud, bass guitarist Laurent Vernerey, electric/acoustic guitarists Jan Pham Huu Tri & Herve Braul and the FAME’s orchestra strings. Not to forget the fantastic voices of arabian singers Malia Saadi and Bahia Waxas!


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